Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP

Asset ManagerNicola Palmer


  • Sector transport
  • Vehicle Managed Account
  • Investment Year 2016
  • Status Invested
  • Country Poland

Key Metrics

  • GRESB 2019 1st out of 10 European motorway
  • Employees c.11
  • % Managed 75.6%
  • Motorway Length 152km


  • Poland’s economic stability and long-term macro-economic fundamentals are highly favourable. Poland was the only EU country to avoid recession during the recent downturn
  • Improvement of port and road infrastructure in the region, strong industrial production levels, increase in motorisation rates and rising consumer spending are expected to positively impact long-term structural traffic trends


  • Situated in close proximity to the port cities of Gdansk and Gdynia, touristic coastal resorts and areas along the concession corridor that are experiencing above average population growth
  • The concession was established and awarded as a PPP project and is backed by the Polish government
  • The motorway is a closed tolling system which measures fees based on vehicle category and distance travelled.
  • The project, which was split across two phases, was constructed by Skanska and NDI. Phase 1 and Phase 2 were fully opened to traffic in 2008 and 2011, respectively
  •  During 2019, approximately 15.0 million vehicles used Phase 1 and 12.7 million vehicles used Phase 2 of the motorway.