Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP

Asset ManagerJordan Cott


  • Sector telecoms
  • Investment Year 2018
  • Status Invested
  • Country Netherlands

Key Metrics

  • Ownership 94.4%
  • Employees 5
  • Households in operation 37,000
  • Households in construction 74,000


  • Strong underlying demand for ultra-fast broadband, driven by exponential growth in consumer data consumption
  • Significant addressable market in less dense areas where existing infrastructure is underdeveloped and constrained
  • Supportive macro environment with stable GDP growth, high consumer spending, and policy support for next-generation infrastructure


  • E-Fiber operates as an open-access, wholesale fibre-to-the-home platform providing increasingly critical broadband infrastructure to the communities it serves
  • The company receives fixed fees from local service providers based on the number of users actively using its network, significantly reducing exposure to the retail market of end users
  • E-Fiber has strong competitive positioning as the sole owner of fibre-to-the-home assets in municipalities where the company has an established network
  • Network design and build is state-of-the-art, with future-proof characteristics and flexibility for multiple use cases
  • Strong alignment through shareholding with senior management team, who are deeply experienced in fibre-to-the-home deployment in the Netherlands