Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP

Asset ManagerJenni Chan


  • Sector transport
  • Vehicle AEIF2
  • Investment Year 2021
  • Status Invested
  • Country Europe-wide, Singapore

Key Metrics

  • Ownership 95%
  • Employees 11
  • Fleet size 7,500+
  • Customers 160+


  • Favourable underlying market growth for tank containers driven by increased chemical manufacturing output and transportation modal shift
  • Proven resilience of the sector, with demand for tank containers continuing over economic downturns and throughout the COVID-19 crisis
  • Barriers to entry due to intensive capital requirements, management of a global network and technical complexity


  • One of the largest independent ISO tank container lessor globally with proven track record since 1987
  • Operates out of the Netherlands and Singapore
  • Young, diversified fleet with an average age of six years. The tank containers typically have lifespans of up to 20 years.
  • Predictable cashflows from robust short and medium term contracts and high utilisation
  • Well-diversified asset base is combination of standard tank containers and specialised units
  • Strong ESG profile including favourable environmental credentials, sustainability benefits (reusable, reduced waste and recyclable) and a proven track record of safety