Euroports is one of the largest and most diversified dry bulk port operators in continental Europe. It owns and operates over 20 port terminals in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey as well as 3 associated terminals in China. The Company handles on average 45 tonnes of 50 different product types ranging from containers to commodities (fertiliser, sugar, coal and grain) and general cargo (steel, granite, special parts and building materials). Euroports operations are strategically located with over 485 hectares of long term port concessions and 31km of quay length.
Arcus saw this diversification as a critical factor in giving Euroports the type of resilience we seek from ‘true’ infrastructure investments. The Arcus team negotiated exclusivity from the vendor and executed the deal in July 2009. Since 2009, Arcus has been working closely with the shareholder group to reshape the Euroports management team. New Chairman, CEO, CFO and CCO have since been appointed and have actively sought to focus the group on creating a single company structure and brand, with the aim of seeking significant synergies and cost savings across the portfolio. Arcus has been very active in assisting the company in refinancing initiatives, such as those successfully achieved for Belgium, Finland, Spain and Germany and also on related acquisitions where Euroports has actively sought to buy out minority investors to consolidate control over the business (as happened with Belgian, Spanish and German subsidiaries). In August 2013, Euroports, with Arcus's support, completed a €450m group refinancing. This is a significant milestone in Euroports's value creation strategy, which will put the asset on a more stable financial footing and will materially reduce its cost of debt.

Francesco Nale is the Asset Manager responsible for Euroports.


Last Updated June 2016.