Brisa is a leading European toll road operator. It owns and operates 6 major road concessions in Portugal comprising a total of 24 motorways and covering 1,557km - a portfolio that represents c.50% of the Portuguese motorway network. The other major shareholder is the Mello family, a pre-eminent Portuguese family, and together the major shareholders control c.98% of the economic and voting rights in the company, of which Arcus owns 40.5%. Arcus works in cooperation with the Mello family to guide and execute the strategic direction of the company.

Arcus acquired an initial stake in Brisa of c.20% from 2007 to 2008 and launched a takeover with the Mello family in March 2012. The takover was successfully implemented between July and August 2012. In April 2013, Brisa was delisted from the Portuguese stock exchange.

As a shareholder, Arcus has been supporting Brisa Management on the key value drivers, including crystallising value from the Brazilian investments, sold in 2010, and a relentless focus on the Portuguese core business to enhance operating efficiencies and to ensure value creation and enhancement of returns.

In July 2015, Brisa sold 30% of BCR, Brisa's main concession.

In March 2017, Brisa sold 100% of the NWP concession in Denver, USA.

Michael Allen is the Asset Manager responsible for Brisa.

Last Updated March 2017