Angel Trains Group - Realised in August 2015

Angel Trains is the largest rolling stock company (ROSCO) in the UK, with a fleet of more than 4,300 passenger vehicles with a combined value of over £3bn. Over 99% of these vehicles are leased under long term contracts by passenger operating companies. Angel Trains is also responsible for the maintenance of a third of its fleet, which is outsourced to specialised suppliers.
Angel Trains operates in a highly regulated sector and government undertakings afford the business a high level of security.  Since acquisition by AEIF 1 and other investors in 2008, and despite the harsh economic climate, Angel Trains has met or exceeded targets and projections, achieved more than 10% EBITDA growth and invested £640m in new rolling stock.

Since 2010, Arcus worked together with Angel Trains in raising over £2bn of debt financing. Since 2012, Arcus supported Angel Trains in investing of over £370m in Siemens Desiro commuter trains.

Francesco Nale was the Asset Manager responsible for Angel Trains.

The investment was sold in August 2015.



Last Updated June 2016